Participate in the PfingstCamp!

The PfingstCamp planning has begun and we need your help! This year we will once again be putting together lots of great talks, workshops, a colorful music program and much more ✨

Do you have knowledge in an area that you would like to speak about? 🤓 Do you DJ or play in a band? 🔉 Then submit your idea in our program system! We look forward to hearing from you! 💪

Thematic focus

Like many on the left, we are uneasily aware of the rise of right-wing extremist politics under a moderate banner. This development is particularly pronounced in East-Germany. We must not only name this, we must also arm ourselves against it in view of the upcoming elections. The AfD once described our camp as a "left-wing extremist training camp". It's time to live up to this reputation (at least in part) and train East German, especially Saxon leftists!

So, what does that mean?

In terms of content, this year we are primarily looking for practical training for political work. We want to prepare non-parliamentary actors in particular for the time before and after the election and do not see ourselves as an election campaign event. For less practical content, we would like to focus on perspectives from the "Hinterland" (aka structurally disadvantaged regions) in order to jointly find approaches for progressive politics in challenging situations. We want to enable you to shape the East and Saxony on the left. Simply moving to Berlin or other western cities is not an option!

Musically and culturally everything remains the same: we want a colorful mix!

Help with the program system

We use Pretalx to collect submissions, whether content or music, and build a program from them. This saves us a lot of work and puts an end to endless e-mailing back and forth. A note especially for neurodivergent people: If you need help, contact Lia! She is not only the camp coordinator, but also knows our program system inside and out. You can reach her by mail and matrix (

If you have non-technical questions, please write to the respective inbox:
- for everything regarding education, culture and networking,
- for music / booking.

Describe yourself

We ask that you not only submit a descriptive title, but also provide context. It's a little more work at first, but it helps everyone in the long run:
1. you need to have a concrete picture of what you want to do. This makes communication easier. You can also do some advertising for yourself in the "About you" section 😉
2. the Music WG and Content WG can better assess what you actually want, how your contribution fits into the program and can answer you directly via the program system
3. participants can read what exactly you want to do, who you are and thus better decide what they want to do

We have stopped the time: it takes only 6-7 minutes if you come prepared.

Typical Procedure

0 - We contact you or you jump to 1 on your own.
1 - You want to be involved and enter details of your contribution in the program system
2 - We look over it, clarify details with you, then decide as a group to accept (or reject) and send you an email
3 - You confirm your acceptance and you're in!

Best regards and see you soon(ish):
Your PfingstCamp organizing team

This Call for Papers closed on 2024-05-03 13:12 (Europe/Berlin).